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Order Date

  • 13/8/2018


The 16-MHz MSP430FR2433 device features 15.5KB of embedded FRAM (ferroelectric random access memory), a nonvolatile memory known for its ultra-low power, high endurance, and high-speed write access.

Combined with the 4KB of on-chip SRAM, users have access to 15.5KB of memory to split between their program and data as required.

For example, a data logging application may require a large data memory with a relatively small program memory, so the memory may be allocated as required between program and data memory.

Key Features

  • MSP ULP FRAM technology based MSP430FR2433 16-bit MCU
  • EnergyTrace Technology available for ultra-low-power debugging
  • 20-pin LaunchPad development kit standard leveraging the BoosterPack plug-in module ecosystem
  • Onboard eZ-FET debug probe
  • 2 buttons and 2 LEDs for user interaction


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